Lifetime Warranty

This is a limited warranty


Pavilion Furniture, Inc. warrants its aluminum frames and welds from breaking forever on Pavilion made products to the original purchaser.
Proof of purchase is required showing customers original sales order with name of original purchaser, date with product model numbers and descriptions.
If a frame or weld fails, Pavilion Furniture will, at its discretion repair or replace any frame that has structurally failed during normal use and that has received regular care and maintenance. This is a limited warranty.
Finishes that are properly maintained are guaranteed for five years.*
*Frame Finishes: To maintain, wash with a mild natural soap and warm water solution. Prepare a solution of 1/4 cup of mild soap per gallon of water. Use a soft sponge or cleaning rag to clean aluminum frames. Rinse with clean water. It is recommended that furniture inland away from salt air environments be cleaned quarterly or as needed. Furniture near coastal areas, *salt spray must be cleaned from frames on a regular basis (Bi-monthly) or finish may oxidize, discolor and/or blister. *Salt spray build up over time without proper cleaning will deteriorate the frame’s finish. Finish failure due to improper cleaning will void Pavilion’s warranty. CAUTION!!! When using floor cleaning chemicals such as chlorine or muriatic acid, furniture MUST be removed from area. Floors MUST be thoroughly rinsed with clean water prior to replacing furniture. Residue from cleaning chemicals may deteriorate the frame’s finish. See “Care and Maintenance” on our website
For verification purposes, it is required that a maintenance cleaning log be maintained. All cleaning logs must be kept to insure proper cleaning schedules. A cleaning log sheet must have date of cleaning and printed name and signature of person who performed the cleaning. This will help insure furniture and Aluminum umbrellas are properly maintained. As a result of proper cleaning, this will prevent frame painted finish in a salt environment from blistering and/or oxidizing. To maintain an attractive paint finish, apply a coat of car wax (use as instructed) every 4-6 months.
Cushion and sling workmanship is warranted for one year. The fabric manufacturer may offer additional warranty. Read carefully the “Care and Maintenance” page and see the helpful cleaning chart for stains on our website.
Vinyl straps are guaranteed for five years against breakage from normal usage.


The following is NOT covered under our warranty.
• Failure of furniture frames or welds arising from unreasonable, abusive or improper use is not covered by this warranty.
• Failure of furniture or parts caused by neglect of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance.
• Normal fading, discoloration or scratching resulting from normal wear
• Stretching of fabric or upholstery materials resulting from normal wear.
• Stains due to contact with tanning lotions or other chemicals including but not limited to
cleaning solutions and/or pool chemicals. See care and maintenance and chart on our website.
• Acts of nature, including fire, wind, flood and freeze damage.
• Non-proprietary items such as glass, other table top surfaces or umbrellas. These items may be warranted by their manufacturers.
• Freight damage. All sales are made FOB factory. Title to the merchandise passes to the freight carrier and to the purchaser at time of shipment.
• Return freight after one year from date of purchase.
• Cost of field repairs NOT authorized in writing by Pavilion Furniture, Inc.

For additional information or service, please contact your local Pavilion representative or call our customer service department at 800. 325.3260 or email us at:


As defined in our warranty as well as our care and maintenance instructions, salt will cause oxidation (blistering of the finish) within a relatively short period of time, if it is not routinely and properly removed from the frame finish. This is true of all extruded aluminum products.

While it does not replace proper maintenance, there is an option to slow down the oxidization process by means of an anti-oxidation primer applied during the finishing process. This is highly recommended for ALL coastal and saltwater environments (including inter-coastal areas).

The primer will add an extra layer of protection and raises the cost of each item to the“Deluxe” rather than “Standard” finish option. If in a coastal or saltwater environment, please understand that oxidation will occur without proper maintenance. Proper maintenance is fully described in our Care and Cleaning instructions which is shipped with every order and can be viewed on our website as well as in our catalog and Price List. A strong reminder though that the primer will extend the life of the finish in a salt environment, but it STILL REQUIRES regular maintenance per our care and cleaning instructions (refer to our website or catalog). While we are working on finding new and better preventatives, we are assured by the industry that we are using the finest of coatings currently available.