In serving the hospitality, contract and residential markets for more than 30 years, Pavilion is recognized for its superior, commercial-grade quality and long-lasting finishes.

Our furniture starts with high quality, pure aluminum alloy to guarantee structural integrity for a lifetime. Each piece is fabricated by our expert craftsmen in Miami. Our talented welders, assemblers and sewers ensure that every joint, fastener and seam provide strength, stability and support for the most demanding environments. We source the best materials to complement our aluminum parts in both aesthetics and performance.

Premium Finishing Process

Every step of our aluminum finishing system is essential to building a beautiful, durable finish. Meticulously performed in-house, the process starts with proper preparation of the aluminum in a multistage washing line. Each piece is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and oils, then fully rinsed before the etching stage. Etching the aluminum guarantees the best adhesion for the primer and paint that are applied next. After etching, the aluminum is dried in an oven to complete the preparation stage.

Once preparation is complete, it is time to protect the aluminum from the elements with a virtually impenetrable two-layer coating. The base layer, our Marine Primer, is a spray epoxy primer that greatly increase the resistance of water penetration. The Marine Primer seals out oxygen, as well, keeping rust or corrosion from forming on the surface of the metal. The primer coat is sent to cure before the finish coat is applied.

After the Marine Primer cures, we spray by hand the final architectural-grade powder coat finish to bond with the base coat. When properly maintained, the resulting finish is nearly impervious to water and air, preventing paint from lifting or separating from the aluminum over time. We use the very best American epoxy/polyester powder coat for a durable finish with deep color and beautiful texture. In addition to providing a superior finish, the powder coat process with better for our finishing line operators and the environment than a wet-paint process.

Contract-Grade Outdoor Cushions

At their core, our contract-quality cushions provide the comfort and support of long-wearing, high-resilience foam. We safeguard the integrity of our cushions with a protective fabric liner that is water and bacteria resistant. It protects the foam from the elements, while still delivering breathability and loft. When paired with the curated selection of performance fabrics we offer graded into our furniture offering, or your own COM fabric, our cushions provide enduring outdoor style and performance.